ThermoFlex®PLUS Red



With the right application, ThermoFlex® PLUS outperforms, promising durability that exceeds even that of the garment it’s adorned on. Effortless to cut and weed, this superior heat transfer vinyl is available in an industry-leading array of over 120 colors. Not only does it boast a spectrum of choices, but it also provides a finish akin to exquisite screen-printing with a delightful soft touch. For an enhanced visual feast, most of its vibrant colors are layerable. The product features a clear, pressure-sensitive carrier designed for hassle-free weeding. Renowned as our top-selling and industry’s best heat transfer vinyl, ThermoFlex® PLUS is crafted to withstand time, offering longevity that parallels the garment’s life when applied aptly. Experience ease, diversity, and enduring quality, all in one product!


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